What is STEM CLUB?

STEM Club is a powerful and highly enjoyable way to engage students with STEM subjects and activities that will provide a challenging and fun learning environment. They can be fun and fulfilling for both the students and leaders, and have positive impacts for Witt Elementary STEM School.

STEM is everywhere and applies to all aspects of our lives, and as a STEM leader to your child, I want to mentor and motivate them to learn STEM careers and concepts in a fun, hands on environment.

During STEM CLUB meetings, student is given a simple presentation regarding STEM topics and then provided with an activity that will help them see how what they have learned is applied throughout our daily lives. 


A Variety of hands on activities and experiments are performed in STEM Club, all are in relation to one of the STEM careers or elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, some activities include a combination of these and allow the students

to apply what they have learned.

Science:  chemical reactions, methods, design concepts

Technology:  how technology is used, (ex:  farming equipment, weather systems and satellite systems)

Engineering activities include:

Building and structures (Legos, bridges etc.)

Mechanical, civil, aerospace, and many other engineering fields

Mathematics:  applied in nearly every activity dealing with sizes, measurements and weight or balance

I am putting together a list of our activities that we will be doing throughout the year and will have them posted soon.


Your STEM Leader Lisa Smith



What's My Name?!? ~ Think of something clever and we'll discuss it during our first meeting on October 19th! 

STEM Club Agenda 
Over the next 5-6 meetings we will be focusing on Squishy Circuits. Look at the chart below and you will get a sneak peek at what we'll be doing. Each activity comes with a lesson so the kids have the chance to truly dive deep into the world of STEM! 
STEM CLUB Squishy Circuit Activity List.pdf
We have had such a great interest in STEM at this time, that we are no longer accepting enrollment. If you would like to join STEM you will be placed on a waiting list. Just Mrs. Coupens in the main office at 303-982-3380. You will be notified once a spot opens up! 


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